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Leopard and sparsebundle

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What does that thread have to do with my question? It talks about what FileVault is and that one should disable the sparseimage files, and log the users in. I *did* all that.

The sparse*bundle* files in Leopard still get backed up.


I wonder whether there is something I need to change since the FileVault in Leopard seems to be different from the one in Tiger (now using sparsebundle files instead of sparseimage files?)

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Leopard 10.5


In Mac OS 10.5, Apple changed how FileVault saves the sparseimage files. Rather then using a single giant file, the encrypted data is stored as individual small files in a folder named username.sparesebundle. Retrospect 6.1.138 and 7.5.508 and earlier does not automatically exclude this folder from backup, resulting in wasted backup media.


Users should create a selector to exclude Enclosing Folders with a name that ends with .sparesebundle


With Retrospect Express there is no selector option, so it is backing up lots of bands from the sparsebundle for my username when I backup other Users Folders & Prefs (OS X).


In Tiger it ignored my sparesimage and just backed up other users and general prefs. I have a separate script that backs up files in my logged in (filevault-protected) account.


Any workaround for Express users on Leopard to back up Users Folders & Prefs without also getting sparseimage bands?



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