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disc cannot be added - too different

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I am just trialling Retrospect Desktop 6.1.138 for Mac.

For my first backup, I am using DVDs and I accidentally mixed in an 8GB DL DVD-R between the rest of DVD-Rs (and some DVD-RWs).


now, after the 8GB disk has been written (as 6-setname), retrospect refuses to take any 4.7GB DVD-R or -RW as 7-setname, claiming


'The disc cannot be added to this backup set.

It is too different from the other media in the set'


It is different from the last media in the set, yes, but it is exactly the same as 4- and 5-, so what gives?


W/o another 8GB disk I cannot complete this backup??


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One option would be to "transfer" this backup set to a new one with the desired media. If you only have a single optical drive, you could do the "transfer" twice, once to a file backup set (if you've got a big disk around) and then out to the optical drive from there. I don't think that Retrospect will play the old "juke box disk exchange game" like the old floppy programs once did, allowing you to use a single optical drive to do the transfer.



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