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519 error - clues?

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Windows network, xp station, 519 repeatedly.


Having read the kb on 519, I get that it is always something other than retrospect. This one station "used to" have network problems in daily use until I changed network cards and went to static ip etc, etc (don't remember which fix fixed it). For the past year, this user has had no network connectivity problems in daily use (email, cad, database, etc). 3Com's network monitoring reports no issues. I still need to drag thru his event viewer to look for clues.


Is there anything unique in the way Retrospect works that might offer a clue as to why only Retrospect is grumpy about this guy's setup/hardware etc? I realize that there are a couple hundred things I can try (including yet another network card, new ip, reformatting, etc), but wondered if I could zero in on it.

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