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7.5 Pro Not making cd image for restore disc


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Hi all I am trying to backup my system. I have Windows Media Edition 2005 on an HP desktop. I backup to an external HD.

When I try to make a recovery cd it says the image is larger than the cd. I am not an expert but this cd image is just a boot disc correct? It then points to the drive where the backup volumes are stored?

I have backed up the system but I have not been able to make a restore cd. This worries me, if this is not working what else is not working.


Yes, I have all the latest updates. Actually I was able to make an image before it updated to 7.5


Can you guys help?



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If that is the case with mine, where do I find the catalog file? What options do I have? I looked at the files Retrospect says to check and find files to delete. I do not have any files to delete.


Does this mean I can't have a restore cd? Also I have a OEM set of restore dics. I do not have a Windows install disc. This was one thing they said I would have to have. Does this mean I have to go and buy a new Windows OS just so I can make a restore cd? This seems nuts.


Any suggestions?

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If that is the case with mine, where do I find the catalog file?



As I previously indicated, my catalog files are in a folder titled "Retrospect Catalog Files", which is located in my Documents folder. If yours isn't there, use Search to find it. Regarding sufficient disk space, do you have the ability to make a bootable DVD disk instead of a CD? Also, many of us don't have Windows install disks. The Retrospect Help instructions explain how those not having these disks can get the necessary files by browsing to their i386 file, which is usually in the Windows directory. Good luck. - Dave

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I have tried everything in the help files. It says if your i386 folder is too large (on computer) then you need to use the Windows disc. It also states that you should use the Windows disc anyway.


As far as a DVD I do not see in Retrospect where I can chose that. It only shows a cd-r.


The thing that I am wondering is I was able to make a restore disc before I updated to 7.5 since that update I no longer can.


Any thoughts about this?




I just checked and my catalog file is 48 megs. So my total restore disc as I have figured by using the help files (totaling all the files included on the cd) would be 626 megs. The cd holds 700 megs.


I have a problem and it does not seem to be a size issue unless there are other files included that the help file did not share.



With this info and the fact I was able to burn a restore disc before updating to 7.5 are there any other suggestions?




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DVD isn't supported.


The reality is, you don't need a DR image to recovery a crashed computer. You can easily just use the Live Restore method, many users find it almost as easy as a bootable CD.


-Fix the computer

-Install a temporary version of Windows and service pack to the computer

-Install Retrospect or Retrospect Client

-Rebuild or access the catalog file

-Execute a Restore Entire Volume


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I know, but us dumb folks need to do it the easiest way.


All in vane now as I found the problem. Not sure how it went this way but when I updated to 7.5 it must have looked for the i386 folder when I backed up since I do not have a Windows CD. My system (HP) has a partition on the drive that is for restore only. That is called D drive.


I found that Retrospect was using the i386 folder on the D drive for the needed files. That folder is way big.

I must have set the old version of Retrospect to use the i386 folder on the root C drive when I set it up last year. Since my memory is so poor I forgot that.

When I set it to use the folder on the C drive it worked like a charm. I now have my boot disc.


Sorry for the trouble. I love this software as I said I am not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to software. Your software makes it very easy for us dumb folks to do it right.


I have used many back up programs through the years as I run 2 small business's. Yours is the easiest to use.



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