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temp abort of archive to run another script?


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I have a main progressive backup I do every night of my main drive. However, I have a ton of old data that I'm archiving to DVD. This archive may take almost a week to complete (55 DVDs!). But I want to resume my main backup every night. I don't feel safe delaying my main backup for a week until this archive is done. If I were to "stop" the main archive, can I run a scheduled script and somehow resume the archive? Both the archive and scheduled backup script are running on the same external drive so I know I can't run both at the same time.

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How are you archiving this data to DVD? Are you using Retrospect?


Keep in mind that if you use Retrospect to archive data to DVD, those disks may not be readable in a different model of drive a few years down the road.


If you are using a DVD drive that is fully supported (includes a driver), then the media should be readable in future fully supported drives of similar type.


If you are using an unsupported DVD drive that is using a custom configured driver, then that media may or may not be readable in a different drive at a later date. Also keep in mind that you would need to use Retrospect for any restores.


If it was me, I would buy a $100 external hard disk and archive my data to that external drive. It will be a lot faster too. A couple of hours vs an entire week. The archive will be much more reliable too.

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Yes, I'm using Retrospect to archive to DVD. I suppose its a supported drive. I didn't have to do anything special I think when I installed Retrospect.


I basically have one machine which I keep all my projects on that I work from. I have a 1TB external HD. I use Retrospect to backup daily to this external HD. But I also have a lot of older projects I can't fit on my machine so I store them on the same external HD in a separate directory. So basically I have a copy of my current projects on my machine and the external HD via Retrospect. But I only have older, archived work on my external HD. So I thought it would be a good idea to backup all old archived work to DVD so if anything were to happen to my external HD, I would at least have all old projects on DVD. Is there a better way to do this?

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