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Do I have to erase the tape?

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I've got a client trying to run Express for Windows on an NT 4.0 WS. We have a script setup to do a recycle backup and it's supposed to run every night (M-F). There are five tapes in the set, but they are all a complete backup.




If the tape is erased when it is changed first thing in the morning, the backup will run fine in automatic mode. If I manually execute the script, the backup will run fine without erasing the tape.




Here's the catch -- the tape shows up as unrecognized if the script runs automatically at night when it's supposed to.




We have gone through the tape drive cleaning procedure and have even tried another tape drive in the machine. We are using Seagate TR4 or Conner TR4, depending upon the era of the drive in the machine. This is an IDE device.




Any help would be appreciated.

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