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MD5 digest error

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At my company we do backups to tape, we have a list of clients and servers underneath them which we back up various contents. We have separate jobs that run or are written to tape. One particular job gives the error below and according to the log, 67GB remaining that wasn't able to be written to tape for that job. The error is below.


Generated MD5 digest for file "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect\RtrExec.dir\Exec-1\State\MetaInfo\writer0002\comp0000\file0000" does not match stored MD5 digest.


There's 2 of the above errors. How can this be fixed. There's also errors which I've seen previously but I recall that data to tape was able to be written to still. It relates to TMemory::createMapFile: Could not create the paging file, error 80. I searched somewhere on dantz a little bit ago and some people said they updated Retrospect. and that stopped. This page file error 80 is only happening for this one specific job.


I installed an update to Retrospect this past Monday I believe, as it stands the version information:


Retrospect Multiserver version: 7.5.508

Driver Update & Hot fix version:

Machine that runs Retrospect base program is OS running Windows Server 2003


I'm more concerned about the digest error. I don't really want to recreate the whole config if it is just one client that is having this error.






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You can delete the contents of the RtrExec.dir after closing Retrospect. Then try the backup again. Something about those files is corrupted.


How much free space do you have on the C drive of that computer?



Thanks for the response. Well there's one server that runs Retrospect backups, the rest run the Retrospect client obviously. The big box that runs Retrospect and backs up this one backup client is the only one failing. When you say C drive of that computer, I assume you mean the one where Retrospect is running and writing to tape, etc? That computer's C drive has 32GB of free space right now. The backup client which generated the MD5 digest error has several servers under it, when I say client in this case I mean I guess the company. There's several other backup clients that run fine, it's just this one.


I'm cautious on deleting the RtrExec.dir directory, will I lose the config and everything?

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