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How to `forget' in batch mode


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I'm pretty green with retrospect and am now at a point where I can get rid of accumulated backup archives up to Jan or so.


The process of starting with `backup sets' and slowily one by one selecting to `forget' each snapshot seems pretty ridiculous, so I'm guessing there is a better way to handle this.


I mean besides setting up retrospect to do it automatically.


I need to redo a fair bit of stuff and no longer need the backup archives from over a mnth ago.


How can I tell retrospect to `forget' all those snapshots in some kind of batch manner?

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I've seen complaints about this in other threads, and I'm fairly certain that setting up retrospect to forget the snapshots automatically is the only way to keep just the recent without deleting the old ones individually.


It might be something you want to put in the "Product Suggestions-Windows" section of the forum.


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Are you trying to forget snapshots from INSIDE a set, or just forgetting an entire set? You could potentially TRANSFER the snapshots you want to delete into a new set and then just forget and delete that set in it's entirety but that also is a bit of work...



Thanks to both posters.. I've quoted this one since it is somewhat complicated.


Initially I was trying to `forget' snapshots inside a set, but later decided to reformulate a set so decided on disposable sets.


Yes as you mention it is a bit of work. (In the case of forgetting individual snaps).. but depending on how much forgetting is involved, your transfer suggestion is probably still an overall time saver.


I think retrospect was designed with staid, regular, seldom changing situations in mind. So things have to be bent to make it fit a situation like mine.


Maybe some of you seasoned users who are in a similar situation can offer some better ways to go here.


For discussion I'm only talking below about project backup. I have other sets or even other applications doing system and unrelated data backups.


I do video editing/production (at novice level) and so for a time my backups are predictable and very frequent like hourly (When work is underway). But only a small hierarchy of directories, although it may contain upwards of 100gb somewhere like midway on a project.


When the production is done. One backup of the hierarchy in finished state, and not even all the original sources (so somewhat smaller usually), is all I need. So I guess just whacking a set is the way to go, then run a single backup of the finished setup.


So in general I've struck on this procedure so far:

o Create a throwaway set for each video production job (to be deleted following completion).

o Using that set; Run a targeted backup frequently (against the working hierarchy)

o In addition to the job set, I've created a separate set that is used at the end to backup

the finished state. This set (with script) is expected to be used once and edited next time its needed.

as to source and destination but not deleted


Any input is well appreciated.

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