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Retrospect 6 issues


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I just started with a new company and they have Retrospect 6.0 running on a Windows 2000 server. The backup is setup to be incremental each night, and a full backup weekly; all backups are to an external ATA HD, which gets swapped weekly so the most work ever lost would be a week's worth if on HD were to crash, be stolen or destroyed in fire, etc. About a week ago it quit writing incrementals... some BS about not knowing the path. When you manually direct it to the HD it acts like there is no more room on the HD, but if it's a full backup it should be overwriting, right? We have archives to AIT3 230 MB tapes as well, so we "find files" and retrieve from tape almost daily. How can I re-setup the incremental and weekly backups without affecting the search and retrieval of the tape archives? How can I get it to recognize the ATA HDs regularly without having to recreate the path? I am a novice to Retrospect; I understand what it's doing but have never setup a backup before so I need detail step-by-step assistance. Thank you!

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