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Will there be a V8?


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I was just reading a post about Retrospect 7.5 and Vista. There were several angry remarks about EMC not developing the software. Having just installed Vista on a new machine I was very disapointed to discover just how crippled the software is! It is now over a year since Vista was released, not to mention the year or so of beta versions that were available to companies like EMC to test with. I like to run my system on a RAID 0 and ran automatic backups every night, so far I haven't been able to get Retrospect to run well on Vista at all.


So... just out of curriosity I tried to go to EMC's web site to see if there were any product announcements about Retrospect. I clicked on their Products link and couldn't find any mention of Retrospect under the Backup and Recover category! Also, and this may be a coincidence, typing www.dantz.com into the browser address yields a page not found error. I guess it may be time to start researching a new backup program, Backup My PC comes to mind... maybe I can update my old copy. I will not be recommending Retrospect to any of my friends from now on.



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I just ran the Retrospect update check yesterday and installed the lattest patches. I ran it again a few minutes ago and see that there are two more driver releases but not the version you mention. I have been using Retrospect for several years and DEPEND upon it to keep my data safe, which is why I am a little ticked that it isn't working right. I tell my friends that this is THE MOST IMPORTANT application I run on my computer. I will try to get the update that you mentioned.


After reading those other threads about Vista issues I did a Google search on "backup + review" and found a couple of web sites with roundup backup software reviews. None of them even mentioned Retrospect! I am not sure what to make of this lack of publicity, it was good magazine reviews that got me interested in Retrospect in the first place.

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What are the problems that you are having with Vista? You stated that it was crippled, but didn't go into any further detail on what problems you were having yourself. In the latest patch 7.5.508 hot fix A lot of vista problems have been alleviated since 7.5.387, and definitely since 7.5.324.


There have been errors reported with the current patch, but there have also been many threads confirming that the patch had solved a bunch of the issues.


The auto updater should bring you up to date, but if it isn't working for you, it can be downloaded manually (from the link Mr. Mayoff gave you) once the website is back up and running.

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