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Retrospect 7.5 and pcpds.exe


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I've been using Retrospect Professional 7.5 for about six months. (It came bundled with an NAS device.) It has been running on an XP machine, backing up two clients, one running XP the other NT4-SP6, without incident. In the past week -- I am guessing on February 11 -- I allowed it to update to version This evening I updated two backup sets from the XP client, and then initiated an update of the backup set on the NT machine, and received an error message on the client that read "pcpds.exe -- Entry Point Not Found. The procedure entry point SHGetSpecialFolderPathA could not be located in the dynamic link library Shell32.dll." The host machine reports something like "Unable to Access Drive Error -557", or the program hangs.


I have retried this several times with the same result. I have rebooted both machines and the error persists. It is not manifest on the XP client, which I again successfully backed up. Both clients contain the file pcpds.exe in the \Retrospect Client directory; they are of identical size, and both are stamped at about the same time on February 11, differing in time by 1 second. That is why I surmise the program update was permitted on February 11. The NT backup set has been successfully updated at least once since February 11, on February 15.


I'd appreciate it if anyone could shed light on what might be going on. As a rule I do not download files from unknown sources; I use pine for email and so have to make a decision and expend some effort to extract email attachments.




Ted Sims

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By the way, at some point, when trying to close the program, I got a message that (roughly) said "Retrospect has encountered a serious error" and requested permission to send a report to EMC, which I granted. The program directory now contains a file entitled "rthlpsvc.log", dated 10:00 p.m. (est) last night, which I assume contains the contents of that report. The file contents follow. I add that if those file references are to the client machine, the OS on the NT 4.0 machine is not on C: but in D:\WINNT\....


Thanks again.


Contents of rthlpsvc.log:


HSvcRestoreReg: FindFirstFileW(rtregrst.ini) failed 2

hsvcWin2kDbRestore: GetFileAttributes(C:\WINDOWS\ComRegBk\RtrComRg.ini) failed 3

hsvcWin2kDbRestore: GetFileAttributes(C:\WINDOWS\IISMetBk\RtrIISM.ini) failed 3

hsvcWin2kDbRestore: GetFileAttributes(C:\WINDOWS\WMIBk\RtrWMI.ini) failed 3

hsvcWin2kDbRestore: GetFileAttributes(C:\WINDOWS\ActDirBk\RtrActDr.ini) failed 3

hsvcWin2kDbRestore: GetFileAttributes(C:\WINDOWS\CertSvBk\RtrCertS.ini) failed 3

hsvcWin2kDbRestore: GetFileAttributes(C:\WINDOWS\RSMBk\RtrRsm.ini) failed 3

HSvcWriteDVDAddToReg: CreateFile(C:\WINDOWS\retregld.dat) failed 2

No work to do, quitting...

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An update. I just restarted the NT system and got a new error message. It read:


"rthlpvsc.exe - Entry Point Not Found. The procedure entry point SHGetSpecialFolderPathA could not be located in the dynamic link library Shell32.dll." Same message as before but reported with respect to a different program. And since the executable has the same name as the error log I reported in the fifth post above I assume it is related to the existing problem with Retrospect.

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