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Trouble with run documents


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I use a third party scripting environment to run a "nightly maintenance" script. The last and most important task in the "nightly maintenance script is to launch a Retrospect backup job. I use a run document "nightly.rrr" for this purpose.


The scripting environment is actually Cygwin bash, but I won't go into that now. I am using Windows XP Pro, with all backup operations taking place on this peecee (no client machines involved). My Retrospect (Professional) version is 7.5.508, with Driver update Anyway, I have tested my "nightly maintenance" script by launching it from a login session on the peecee. It works great.


But when I launch the "nightly maintenance" script via Windows XP "Scheduled Tasks" facility, bad things happen. As far as I can tell, Retrospect.exe launches and does nothing. The Retrospect.exe process stays idle forever. This is the situation if no one is logged in to the peecee when the "Scheduled Tasks" facility fires off the "nightly maintenance" script.


I want to stress that the same "nightly maintenance" script works like a champ if someone is logged in when the "Scheduled Tasks" facility launches the script.


From within the "nightly maintenance" script, I have tried launching Retrospect in two ways:


1. using cmd.exe:

cmd /c nightly.rrr


2. using Retrospect.exe:

"D:\Program Files\Retrospect\Retrospect 7.5\Retrospect.exe" nightly.rrr


Same behavior in both cases.


Any suggestions? In a nutshell, I am trying to use a ".rrr" run document from Windows Scheduled Tasks facility, when no one is logged in.

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