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Retrospect speed


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I've now performed several backups on 2 different networked computers, and it seems that Retrospect Professional takes about 10 - 15 minutes per gig to backup and verify. I'm guessing that this program intentionally goes slow, so that the backup routine doesn't compromise or slow down other work being done on the computer. My question is this....Is there anyway to put the backup operation on a fast-track, by giving it exclusive use of the computer's resources? Thanks for a great program and the opportunity to ask these "rookie" questions. - Dave

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Thanks for the quick comeback. Yes, one of my computers is wireless, but the other has a direct Ethernet connection to my Linksys WRT54GL router, to which my WD MyBookWorld external drive is also connected. My laptop wireless adapter communicates at 54.0 Mbps, but I'd think my desktop (the client), which is connected via Ethernet cable would be much faster, and that's the one I'm questioning. Maybe I don't understand LAN's, and maybe they transmit data at the lowest common link, but I'd "think" an Ethernet connection would be faster. Again, thanks. - Dave

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One of my machines was taking about 27 hours to do a full backup & compare. It was especially slow when it was working on the MP3 files - multi MB binary files. I had been using the software compression option, hoping to save space. When I turned that option off, the entire backup of ~46.5 GB on an 800 MHz PIII took just over 6 hours.


I checked the logs for the specifics. 46.5 GB Backed up and compared ...


With Compression :: target = Internal IDE drive :: 59 MB/minute :: 1 (day) 03:07:07


No Compression :: target = External USB drive :: 268 MB/min. :: 6:21:45




On my faster machine - 2.4 GHz P4 / 1GB RAM - Incremental backups have been taking 90 minutes, with a majority of that time building snapshots. It was also having trouble backing up the registry (-1019 Not enough resources).


2/16/2008 5:41:38 AM: 112 execution errors

Completed: 139 files, 361.0 MB, with 67% compression

Performance: 318.5 MB/minute (360.9 copy, 288.7 compare)

Duration: 01:37:16 (01:34:59 idle/loading/preparing)



Tonight I changed the PagedPoolSize to FFFFFFFF according to the following article - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/304101 - and then did a backup. The registry was backed up and the entire operation took just over 20 minutes.


2/16/2008 7:02:30 PM: 11 execution errors

Completed: 388 files, 659.3 MB, with 49% compression

Performance: 380.3 MB/minute (338.0 copy, 434.6 compare)

Duration: 00:22:08 (00:18:40 idle/loading/preparing)





Both of these machines are running Windows 2000 Professional SP4.


They also run Diskeeper, daily, so that there is little or no file fragmentation.


Hope this helps someone else other than me.



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