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Windows 2000 Server Compatibility


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I saw this version (Retrospect Professional 7.5) was compatible with Windows 2000 Small Business Server , so I bought it for a machine that is running Windows 2000 Server. However, when I went to install it the software would not accept the key. Now I know this was a problem for an older version of retrospect that came with their WDHD and saw that it wouldn't take the key because it was not compatible with Windows 2000 Server. Is the case the same with the professional version even though it says its compatible with Windows 2000 SBS?


To try to get around this I tried installing it on a Windows 2000 Professional machine on the network, which worked fine. So I tried doing a test backup of a shared folder of particular importance on the server across the network from windows 2000 professional machine. It worked the first time fine. But, when i go to do it a second time, it says "Can't Access volume {share name} on {server name}, error -1017 insufficient permissions." I have to restart the 2000 pro machine and then it will allow me to do it one but then repeats the same problem. I apologize for the novel but i have been trying to figure this out for awhile on my own now and was hoping for some help. Any would be greatly appreciated.



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