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How to restore Dulicates


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I have my Retrospect 7.5 pro. programmed to dulicate certain files only (emails, documents, etc). Such that, I have the latest updates on my backup drive. The external drive is partitioned into "System - Drive J" and "MyFlies - Drive K", where the duplication takes place on a daily basis. However, I couldn't find instructions how to resore the dulicated files back onto the HD.


Any suggestions.

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You understand, don't you, that you are not making backups, but instead are simply copying files. That's not what Retrospect is best at, but it's the way you are using it rather than making backups. Whatever.


As such, you don't "restore" duplicates; you "restore" from backups.


If you want your duplicated (copied) files to go back, you copy (duplicate) them back.



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You mean just change the source to destination, and vise versa.


I do backup my system from time to time. I thought, "Duplicate" has the same functionality as "Backup" has. Otherswise, why would they include it in the s/w. It is much faster and effecent to copy only the new files from the HD to the backup. That is why I use it, instead of backup.

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