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Client "ping" tool


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Is there some tool available (or can someone help me make one!!) that will take the list of clients and one at a time refresh them and make a list of their statuses and bold all the ones that either timed out, couldn't communicate or were busy etc? Basically I would like a tool that shows me each client in a list like this:


PC 1: Connected

PC 2: Connected

PC 3: Busy

PC 4: Timed out

PC 5: Connected

PC 6: Error communicating

PC 7: Connected

PC 8: Busy

PC 9: Client Not Installed




There's a need for this because just checking logs isn't necessarily enough. If my scripts are set to back people up every 2 days and it's been 3 days since someone has been backed up that may be due to any number of issues but at the very least I'd like an overview to be able to see what the status of ALL the clients are all in one place without having to open each one and click "refresh" to see what happens...

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