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HOW TO-- Multi-Laptop / Multi-OS Backup


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Here is the deal:


I just landed a new client and need to come up with a backup solution for them. They have about 12 laptops on a wireless LAN, so throughput is an issue. They all take their laptops home with them at night, and travel out of town frequently, so scheduling is also an issue.


They have various makes & models of laptops running OSX 10.3, 10.4, 10.5 and Windows XP & Vista.


I am setting up a server running Windows Server 2000, with Retrospect v7.5.x


The question is: How do I set up Retrospect to...

1) Perform a backup whenever it has the opportunity to do so

2) Run in the background so the users can still use their laptops


Do I write one script to back up all the laptops, or do I write a separate backup script for each laptop?


Keeping in mind that (under these conditions) a recycle backup takes a very long time, should I do away with those and simply perform incremental backups every day? Maybe perform a recycle backup once per month?






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"the proactive feature is part of the regular install of Retrospect since version 6.5 or later"


Well just to clarify, it is part of regular install.. But only with server licenses. Proactive backup will not be available for use if you were licensed with just the Professional edition.

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