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Need help with 4 week rotation script

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Could someone double check this script for me?

I'd like to do a recycle backup every 4 weeks but want to switch the backup hard drives every week.

There is no backup on the weekends.

recy= recycle Backup, nor= Norman Backup & my backup sets are m & t.

Thanks so much

Here's what I have come up with.


1 recy-m nor-m nor-m nor-m nor-m

2 recy-t nor-t nor-t nor-t nor-t

3 nor-m nor-m nor-m nor-m nor-m

4 nor-t nor-t nor-t nor-t nor-t

5 recy-m nor-m nor-m nor-m nor-m

6 recy-t nor-t nor-t nor-t nor-t

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PS- I think this will require 6 scripts



Actually, if your sources are the same, it can be done in only one script with 6 schedulers. List both m and t as destinations, and you'll be able to assign the schedulers as you'd like.


For one of our backup routines, we rotate among 3 backup sets (A, B, and C) that are changed daily and use a single script with 15 schedulers.

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