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error 34 (volume full)

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I hope somebody can help me to solve this problem. I trying to back up all the files I have on my three computer (it's a small LAN) and 3 external HD. I set the source volumes for back up (choosing the files I want together), then the destination (creating the destination folder), then I do the preview but when I start the back up I always have the same message "execution incomplete". When I check the report I find the message error 34 where it is said :

"Can't add that much data to backup set.

The limit is 2,0 G.

6-02-2008 8:33:32: Execution incomplete."

Is it possible? Do I make mistakes somewhere? Most of my files are pictures so with just few of them I am already out of the size. But I don't want to make tons of folders with only few files in it.

I don't know if my explanation has been clear but I hope somebody can help me.


Thanks a lot for your help anyway! smile.gif

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