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Files and time for Leopard Duplicate

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I back up my wife's Mac over our ethernet network.

We both have non-Intel Powerbook G4s.

I'm running 10.4.10.


Using Retrospect 6.1.126


My wife just upgraded to Leopard. Since the upgrade the time to Duplicate has gone up considerably.

Yesterday, she did not use her Mac at all and the Duplicate was 19974 files, 182 MB, and took 1:24 hours.


I have it set so I think it only Duplicates that which changes. Set to "Replace Entire Contents".


Is there a reason for the lengthy time and number of files now that she is on Leopard?


Thank you for any education on this. Appreciate

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I back up my wife's Mac over our ethernet network.



You don't specify that the Leopard machine is running Retrospect Client software; is it?


Note this Note included in the Read Me-Retrospect.html document, that is installed in the same folder as the application:



NOTE: Any time you copy a file with extended attributes or ACLs to a volume (for example during a restore or duplicate operation), the volume incorrectly sets the attribute modification date to the current date and time. This means that Retrospect will copy all files with extended attributes or ACLs ... during every duplicate operation, since the attribute modification dates will no longer match. Apple has been notified of this issue and is working to resolve it.


You should turn of the "Use attribute modification date when matching" option for your Duplicate operations.




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Yes the Leopard Powerbook is running Retrospect Client software. It shows that it has 6.1.130.


I'll go looking for that setting. Not sure where I find it but assume it is in preferences.


I remember, well don't remember all of it, a conversation with Retrospect (Dantz then) about how it was preferential in Backups to set it to the new dates. I wasn't convinced but can't remember their reasoning.


Here, however, I'm and I believe you are only talking about the Duplicate process.


Thanks for the help.

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And the update will work if the Client is on Leopard and Retrospect on Tiger machine?

There appear to be some unfixed Apple bugs in Leopard that can cause improper operation of Retrospect if ACLs are enabled on a volume for the Universal Binary version of Mac OS 10.4.x (server or non-server) and for Mac OS 10.5.x (server or non-server, because all Mac OS 10.5.x is Universal Binary). If this problem is seen in your configuration, you can work around it until Apple fixes the bug by disabling ACL backup in Retrospect 6.1.138. See:

KB article re ACL bug workaround


Contrary to what the KB article says, I believe that the problem exists on all Universal Binary MacOS 10.4.x and 10.5.x regardless of platform.


The effect of this workaround is that some ACL metadata will not be backed up.



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