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Error 505 from Client prevents backup

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I have Retrospect 6.1.138 installed on a PPC PowerMac 2.5 quad. I recently upgraded from 10.4.11 to 10.5.1 on this machine. I use it to backup two other machines on my network. One is a PPC PowerMac 1.8 dual running 10.5.1. The other is an Intel MacPro 2.8 running 10.5.1. Both client machines have Retrospect Client 6.1.130 installed.


Since upgrading to 10.5.1 on the server machine, I have had some problems with backups on the MacPro. (The backups of the other client machine are working fine.) The backup script backups MacPro boot drive and then does a separate backup for its data drive. One night the data drive was successfully backed up, but the boot drive did not backup because of a 505 error.


According to Dantz's web site: Error 505

"This error occurs when a client is in use by another backup computer A client may be used by only one backup computer at a time. This can also happen when the backup computer or client computer crashes during an operation. Restart both computers.

If you are unable to restart the client computer, you can click "off" inside of the Retrospect Client control panel. After several minutes, the client status should change from "in use" to "off". You can then turn the client back on and start the backup again."


I am not running more than one backup computer. The first time this happened the MacPro had not crashed.

Last night both drives gave a 505 error. And the MacPro was frozen when I looked at it.

I have all machines on 24/7 and set to never sleep.

Retrospect on the server can see and configure the client software on the MacPro.


My reading on this problem leads me to think I should verify and repair all of the hard drives involved. I have done a quick verify with Disk Utility. No problems detected. I should probably boot from an install disk and run Disk Utility.


This problem only started after upgrading to Leopard on the server.


Suggestions on how to cure my Error 505 are welcomed.

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After reading some fot the posts in the thread Retrospect Client Turns Itself Off


I went into Retrospect, Configure clients, and told it to forget the MacPro as a client. I then re-added it as a client. I didn't bother to uninstall and re-install the client software.

I had to edit all 4 scripts that apply to this client and add back in the source for each script.


So far this fix is working for me.

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