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Assertion Mailboxes -590

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Hi everybody, first of all i'm french so if there is any mistake in my english please report it (it can help me).


So, i'm using retrospect 6.5 (the latest 6.5.350 I gess) on a Windows 2003 Server Small Businness, and i'm doing backup on a probackup plugged in usb. The system is up-to-date, but since the 12/01/08, retrospect doesn't make any backup and it crash with first this message "Assertion failure at "Maibox.cpp-590"" it tells me there are more ifos in the log file (but in fact it's not helping me) and, when I close this window retrospect crash and tells me this crash is due to a hardware problem or an electrical problem or something like this (in fact is in french).


So I can't found anything about this error and i'm desperate, please help me....


For any other information, I'm here to answer, don't hesitate thanks a lot...

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It sounds like you are doing an Exchange Mailbox backup. You are using a very old version of Retrospect and a large number of bugs have been fixed with Exchange backup since version 6.5.


I would recommend downloading a trial to version 7.5 and see if the failure continues or is fixed.

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