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How to quick/easily rerun failed runs


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Sometimes when I have only one of several machines booted, retrospect (7.5.387), will report a failed run at one of the machines that isn't running. This must be a pretty common occurrence but I see no way to quickly and easily rerun the backup once the machine is up.


I mean short of rescheduling the next backup... like some how to have a right click menu on the history report allowing a rerun or something.


Maybe I'm missing some easy way to do this?

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backup server (a/k/a proactive backup)? It's meant for transient notebooks, but might do what you want.


Or, more straightforward and along the lines of what you are suggesting, don't know how many clients you have, but if it's a manageable (rather small) number, you could duplicate your backup script N times, have each computer as a sole source, and execute each of these little scripts manually (or even create a bunch of "run documents", one for each script, appropriately named). See page 139 of the Retrospect Windows 7.5 User's Guide.



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