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Assertion check at elem.c-923

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I am getting the message


Internal consistency check failed: Assertion check at "elem.c-923"


when I try to back up 2 of the 3 Windows XP machines in our group. I am running Retrospect v. 6.1.138 on a G5, dual 1.8 GHz PowerMac running OS 10.4.11. The client version is 7.0.112 (though 7.0.107 gave the same problem), and I am saving to a file backup set (with the catalog separate) on an internal SATA drive (not the boot drive). I've tried restarting the client and server computers, repairing/updating the catalog, moving the backup set to an external firewire drive, creating a new backup set on the external and internal drives, creating a new script and updating the client version, all to no avail. Except for the periodic OS updates, I've made no major changes to the hardware/software setup directly before the problem cropped up. Searching the forums didn't enlighten me, therefore this post.


Any ideas?





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Perhaps these tech notes from the Knowledgebase will help:




What RDU are you running? Sometimes bugs are fixed (and sometimes introduced) via RDUs. The complete history is here:

RDU version history


Another thought, in case it's some odd file on those Windows machines, would be to define Retrospect "subvolumes" on one of those machines, use that as the source rather than the entire machine, and try to find the odd file / directory structure that is causing the complaint.



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Thanks for the tips. Neither tech note mentions my problem, so no help there. The RDU is, which should be the latest. The problem started before I updated to the latest version, so that's not likely to be the source. The problem crops up as soon as I start the backup, and before any files are scanned. That the problem now occurs on 2 machines makes me think that the cause is not a particular file, but if there's no other alternative, I'll start with very small subsets and build up from there.


For the record, here's a sample from the log:


∆ Retrospect version 6.1.138

launched at 28.01.2008 13:47 Uhr

+ Retrospect Driver Update, version


+ Normal backup using Zoo57-Alexandra at 28.01.2008 13:49 Uhr

To backup set Backup Set Alexandra…

Internal consistency check failed:

Assertion check at "elem.c-923"

28.01.2008 13:49:49 Uhr: Execution incomplete.

Quit at 28.01.2008 13:49 Uhr





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You might want to revert to an earlier RDU, some people are reporting issues with the most recent ones. Perhaps try back to the RDU you were using when this used to work. If you don't know when that was, try about RDU Link to the RDU version history and downloadable versions is here:




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The solution appears to be to deinstall the client program and reinstall it completely. Previously I only updated the client. Seems an obvious thing to do in retrospect (no pun intended), but for some reason it didn't occur to me. Just for safety, I got rid of the old catalog files and created the script new from scratch, but that was probably overkill.





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