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Assertion errors during (?) snapshot phase.


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I have one script out of three that keeps coming up wih an assertion error every time the script is automatically launched in Vista 32.I have deleted the scripts, backup sets, etc; uninstalled and reinstalled Vista etc all to no avail. This script is identical to another (except for days of week) which runs fine. It seems to be a problem with the dbghelp.dll Here is an exercept from the assert_log.utx file:


OS: Windows Vista version 6.0 (build 6000), , (32 bit)

Application: C:\Program Files\Retrospect\Retrospect 7.5\retrospect.exe,

Exception occurred on 1/28/2008 at 8:51:17 PM

Error info: Assertion failure at "tmemory.cpp-1203"

Exception code: e0000000 ASSERTION

Fault address: 7787b09e 0001:0001a09e (null)


ERROR: Error while initializing dbghelp.dll GetLastError: 0 (Address: 00000000)

Thread ID: f28, Name: Execution thread


EAX:02e0e798 CS:001b EIP:7787b09e EFlags:00000212

EBX:01458ae0 SS:0023 ESP:02e0e798 EBP: 02e0e7e8

ECX:00000003 DS:0023 ESI:60083628 FS: 003b

EDX:00000000 ES:0023 EDI:02e0e828 GS: 0000


Anyone have a fix for this?

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