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Extremely Slow Backups since upgrade to 10.4.11 (LTO3)

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Hi All


I'd really appreciate it if anyone has a solution of this before I wipe the backup mac and go back to 10.3. I've been backing up an XServe/XRaid for the past 2 years from a MDD G4averaging in or around 1.8gb a min over the network (pretty good I though) to an HP Ultrium LTO3 via ATTO UL3D scsi card.


I started having problems with the G4 locking up, I couldn't remote desktop in and when in the console I couldn't find anything responsible for the lockup (required hard reboot). There has been no server updates and I hadn't updated the G4 backup server. Unable to resolve the situation I upgrade to 10.4 and installed all necessary software updates, updated the atto card to the latest driver and and retropspect workgroup server edition to latest (including driver).


Now although the mac is backing up it's only running at an average of 700mb a minute that's a huge decrease in backup speed and massive increase in time taken to backup.


Does anybody have any solution or have run into these issues and resolved them I'd really appreciate some direction on how to fix it before wipe and reinstall.


Many thanks in advance




PS: I have a couple of volumes on the xraid and one recently went above 1.1tb and was wondering was this causing the lockup but I doubt it.

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