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error 100 and error 206

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Using the trial version of Retrospect Desktop.


Tried for first time this morning with Sony DVD-R's and kept getting a 'error 100 (device rejected command)' message as it was about to backup.


Just tried with Sony CD-R's and it seemed to be doing it but then gave me this error 'Trouble writing media "1-Backup Set E" error 206 (drive reported a failure: dirty heads, bad media etc.)'.


I tried backing up from the server to my Macs hard drive and that worked fine.


I am using a G5 running 10.3.9 and it has a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-117D inside.


Any ideas? Obviously the DVD drive or the DVD/CDs?



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You mean using Retrospect or in general?



He means Retrospect, which writes to optical media with Packet Writing, an entirely different method then Toast uses.


Retrospect can write any amount of data, even a single file, to a disc, as many times as it needs to. With Toast, you'd have a new volume in the Finder each and every time you added data to the disc, along with a great amount of capacity lost to session overhead.


The price of a single quality DVD+R disc is much less then the price of the 7 quality CD-R discs that would have comparable capacity. And it's a lot easier to keep track of fewer Members of your Backup Set!




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