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Can I set RDB file size in Retrospect 7.0.326 (Windows XP SP2)?


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I backup about 90GB on my internal drive to Backup Sets on my 500GB external drive. I use the Disk media type. Retrospect creates a lot of RDB files where each file size is 614,408 KB. I then copy the files on to DVD +-RW DL disks. Is there a way that I can get RDB file sizes about 8.5 GB?


Thank you,

Don Leckie




I searched the compatible drives database and my NEC 3450A is not supported. I tried creating a custom configuration, but Retrospect says the configuration failed. I tried repeatedly before I realized that Retrospect was creating a 4.1 GB test file on each DVD +-RW DL. I wasted several of those expensive disks!

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