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Slow performance when forgetting snapshot


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I've got a ~700GB disk backup set from which I occasionally prune snapshots for clients that are no longer on the network. This always takes a fairly long time, 5-10 minutes, with little to no CPU or RAM utilization except for a CPU spike at the very end of the process. Is there any known reason for this? If the CPU or RAM looked like they were being used to capacity I might think about upgrading hardware, but this is not the case. Perhaps there's a fairly long network timeout for the offline client causing the delay?


Any advice on how to speed this up would be appreciated. This slows down administration of the backup set considerably. Thanks.

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After looking into this further, this slow performance also occurs when forgetting a snapshot for an online client, so a network timeout seems less likely. It could that the disk subsystem is the bottleneck. Are there any Windows XP tools that I can use to monitor disk access while this is happening?

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