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VXA Tape Capacity

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Hi ,




I have a VXA tape drive installed on a SCSI port on a MAC OS 9.2. I am using VXA v17 tape media for my backups using Retrospect ver 5.0. I am using Hardware Compression as well as software compression. I am not using any encryption. But still my tape media stores only 25 GB of data ( as against it rated capacity of 66 GB) and it asks for a new tape after that. Let me know if anyone have any suggestions.







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You should use VXA Tool (download and instructions available from excabytes web site) to set the option to give priority to space usage rather than speed (the default is speed - and I understand the difference is significant).




I've yet to reach the end of my tapes yet, so I'm not sure exactly how much they really hold but I'm certainly over 25 GB's.







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