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Incompatible with latest Parallels Desktop software?

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Been using Retrospect Workgroup to back up a Mac server and several client computers. Mac server hosts Retro.


Updated Parallels to v3, Build 5582 and now when Retro backs up Parallels .hdd file, both Retro and Parallels hang.


Any thoughts/knowledge/ideas?


Thanks, Juliet

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Retrospect has, for whatever reason, always had some sort of problems with PC emulator disk images. I remember hearing about problems with VirtualPC's file way back when 5.0 was new.


You don't provide any information about your configuration, so it's impossible to even know how you are using Retrospect.


Perhaps Parallels software is alive and doing something with the file at the same time Retrospect is attempting to back it up.


- What happens if you restart you Macintosh into Safe Boot Mode (Shift key on restart) and then try? That would prevent any Parallels start-up software from loading, and might at least give you a clue about what's going on.




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