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Failed Disaster Recovery Attempt (missing or corrupt \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM)


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Here is the situation:


Corrupted OS due to trojan attack.

Last good backup by Retrospect taken 1 day before.


Created DR cd and followed the steps to restore.


After restore completed successfully, the reboot of the client computer failed resulting in:


Windows XP could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM.


I've gone through the process multiple times with no luck.


The computer I'm trying to recover is a Dell Inspiron 9400 laptop.


I am running:

Retrospect version: 7.5.370

Driver Update and Hot Fix:

MultiServer & Disaster Recovery Add-on.

Retrospect is running on a Win2003 server.





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I've had this post up for approx 48 hours now. Lots of you have taken a look, but so far no replys. Surely someone here can provide some insight on the correct procedure and conditions to complete a successful disaster recovery. I'd sure like to get this machine back up without a total reinstall of the os and software and be able to count on Retrospect to perform well with the next disaster.


Any suggestions to get me on track with this would be greatly appreciated.





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It looks like this boils down to determining the correct procedure for doing a Disaster Recovery of a Dell 2-partition XP installation. Partition 1 is unnamed and partition 2 is the C:Windows partition.


If anyone out there has experience with Retrospect disaster recovery of Dell computers, your contribution to this post would be appreciated.


Tech support suggested not restoring the original boot.ini That got me past the missing system message,but still with an incomplete restore. No programs, etc.





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