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Where are my snapshots?


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I had a PC go down and just got the replacement. I loaded Retro and recreated a catalog from my latest data backup media. I went to restore my data and the only sanpshot I see is from the original backup of 11/29/2007. I have been backing up to this media approximately every third day. Why can't I see the snapshot from any of my subsequent backup sessions?


I know the backups have occured as I have watched some the new files being added to the media and have had to add new members to the backup set.


The Retro documentation states "Each time you back up a volume, its Snapshot is updated in the Backup Set Catalog and the Snapshot is added to the backup medium."


I let the restore run and I only have files dated on or previous to 11/29/2007. This means I have lost a whole months worth of work!!???\


Please advise.

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