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RetroSPECT asks for a network pasword


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Hi all,


Yesterday, I downloaded the trialversion of Retrospect 7.5


I would like to make a backup of a folder over my LAN network to an other Windows XP machine.

On that machine I shared a folder. I used the wizzard to backup some data to that other machine. The first time it worked fine, however now if I would like to start the backup again, Retrospect is comming up with a window that says Enter network password.


Connect as



It looks like if this is intermitent because I was able to make a backup without using a network password.


Any idea why?


Thanks in advance.



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I found a question posted by Patterson (Server Login Failed) with the same problem I have.


Someone was refering to this article:




I followed this article but the following message appears:


The first screenshot works OK. I can enter a user name and password.


Then under Execution --> Security, I hit the Always run retrospect as the specified user radio button and enters the username, and password.


Under log on to: I entered the computername where the backup should be stored (my network machine)


Then I got a response:


The provided logon information is invalid!


What do I do wrong?


Any help is appriciated.


Thanks in advance.



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