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Vista Permission Problems


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I just got a new computer. I installed Retrospect Pro for windows and transfered over all my script files. I then edited all my script files and my backup sets to reflect my new drives. I'm now getting error messages that read:


"Can't open file backup option for (folder listed) error 1017 (insufficiant permissions)


I'm thinking someplace in vista I need to authorize retrospect but where??


I hope someone can help with this.



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Twice I tried to update Retrospect from 7.5.324 to 7.5.387 and both times it said the installation was sucessful. but after restarting retrospect and going to help / about it still says I have 7.5.324.


I'm using Vista 32 bit.


I have check for VSS and shadow copy errors in all the event logs but I don't find any errors of this type.


Now what??

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Did you see this in the Read Me?


Upgrading to Retrospect 7.5.387: If you have upgraded to Vista and Retrospect is already installed you will need to uninstall and then reinstall the application before using it. Uninstalling the application will not remove your preferences so you will not need to recreate your scripts.

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No I did not see the read me file however this was a clean install of Vista 32 and I then did a clean install of Retrospect.


During the upgrade process i'm given the option to uninstall and modify. I have been choosing modify. Should I uninstall and then run the upgrade installer again? I have saved the downloaded upgrade file on my hard drive.


I noticed Shadow copy services was set to manual should I change that to Automatic? since the bullitin talks about retrospect using the shadow copy service.


I have found some windows error logs that tell me I should turn off "allow service to interact with desktop" setting. This is located on the log-on tab in the properties for the retrospect launcher service.

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