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Unable to Restore SBS Server 2003

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HP Proliant Server ML 110 running MSoft SBS Server 2003 and Retrospect 7.5 with most recent update. Also RAID 5 with 4 hard drives.

Have software corruption in server which won't boot and which my computer techs can't fix.

Contains 2 drives: (C operating system, programs) and E drive (data).

Nightly backup to external firewire drive.

Also weekly backup of the C drive only to another computer on the network using Retrospect.

ALSO a nightly tape backup of the E data drive! using Tapeware.

2 months ago added MS SQL 2005 to the server.

Now dead server last week after adding PCIU card with presumably incompatible driver..

Have restored data to another external firewire drive (looks intact; some of the data is in an SQL database so I'm hoping) by doing a rebuild of catalogue file, then a restore.

The C drive is harder. NB. I do not have the multiple expensive add-ons for a single person business.

Attempts to rebuild server as per EMC instructions with start with Windows CD, then install Retrospect, the add catalogue file, then do restore do NOT result in a bootable server.

Since the Australian office of EMC has taken another week's holiday (and emails to EMC yield no replies as per other posts), I'm faced with rebuilding server from ground up and HOPING that at least the data E drive data is intact.

Any suggestions that I can pass onto my computer techs?

Am I stuffed by only spending $1000 on the single server product and not the add ons? The backups are only done at night when no-one is using the files.

BY the way, I am amazed by the extraordinary long time it takes for EMC Retrospect to rebuild catalogue files and then to restore data. I expected hours, but even if the whole process went perfectly , I'd still be looking at 2 days down time. As it is, I've lost a week!

Thank you

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This is reply I received o'night from EMC so far.

"before doing the system restore you want to make sure that it’s the same OS that is installed and the same service pack (the other updates don’t matter). You want to do this drive first and after this has been restored then you can restore the E drive. Also if the restore works correctly the C drive will function normally, as the errors about the files being busy are more than likely open cache or log files and would not be important operating system files as we back those up with the Microsoft APIs."

I will ask my computer techs to install SBS server 2003, then service pack 1 (prob not done so far), then Retrospect, then the catalogue file, then do a C drive restore, then see if reboots, then do E drive restore if it does. If C drive reboots, we should be okay. I'll add to post with progress. Thank you.

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Further EMC reply:

"Yes you want to install SP1 then Retrospect then do the restore of Drive C: and when that finishes reboot and then do the restore of drive E:. It would be better to restore drive E: rather than copy over as the restore will restore all the permissions and such. "

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