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Clients are reserved

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I am running Retrospect 6.1 on a G5 tower that acts as our workgroup's server. The clients are mainly iMacs, eMacs, with a few PCs. Lately, several of the computers, all Apples, say that they are reserved. Supposedly this occurs when another copy of Retrospect is trying to back up a computer or if there is a crash, yet I know of no other Retrospects that could be interfering, and these computers are not crashing. I am running several backup scripts, but they should be executed sequentially, so I don't think this is the problem. Any ideas what's going on? Thanks!

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What OS and Retrospect software versions are running on the affected client machines and on the backup computer? Was anything updated recently?


If you browse through the backup log, were there any errors noted for these clients other than "client is reserved?"


When you launch the client application on the affected client machines, what status is shown?

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