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Recycle Backup


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I have 3 types of scheduled backups.....normal, recycle, and duplicate? Now originally I knew why I set this to 3 different types, but what are the differences? And are all three necessary?


My other issues is this....on my recycle backup, I have it set to start at 2am, and it takes close to 21 hours to complete?!!!! WOW. Why does it take so long when the duplicate and normal do not even take half that time?

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Recycle means the backup set you have will be totally erased, and replaced with a new one.

Normal just adds the new files that have been created modified to the backup, and updates the snapshot.

Duplicate, I think, just replaces the files that have changed with a new copy, add files that have been created, and deletes files that have been deleted.


Naturally, Recycle will take the most time, unless you are doing a brand-new normal or duplicate.


21 hours seems way too long for a normal-sized hard drive. Is there a chance your backup media is a USB external drive that is using USB version 1, rather than USB version 2 to connect? (This could happen with a newer HD if it is connected through an older USB hub.)

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