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Scheduled scripts randomly skipped OSX server 10.4 Retro 6.1.138

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Help, oh great and wise ones...


I am running Retro 6.1.138 on Mac OS 10.4.9 Server.


I have 1 backup job scheduled to run daily at 2:00 am. Most nights it runs. But randomly it just doesn't execute. No Retro log entries, nada.


Once in a while there is a log entry saying that execution was cancelled by the user. Which it wasn't.


No other issues (that I am aware of) with the server.


Haven't found anything on the forum.


Help! Please and Thank you.



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Failure to autolaunch Retrospect or to autorun a script might mean that retrorunfile (located at /Library?Preferences/Retrospect) is corrupt. Things seem to happen to this file from time to time for obscure reasons.


To recreate this file, you should quit Retrospect, trash the file, launch Retrospect, and then immediately quit it again.


You don't indicate whether Retrospect is already running and you are just expecting the script to autorun, or whether you are expecting Retrospect to autolaunch as well. I've experienced cases of corruption of retrorunfile that prevented Retrospect from autolaunching, but successfully autoran scripts if the Retrospect app was already running. In fact, we were experiencing this so frequently (every couple of weeks) that I've taken to keeping Retrospect up all the time.

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