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FTP Can't Find Directories

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Retrospect Workgroup Server

- MacOS 10.4.10

- Retrospect Workgroup 6.1.138

FTP Server

- MacOS 10.3.9 (using built in ftp server)


I am trying to setup an FTP based backup set. When I edit the backup set and try to setup the directory it will go to by clicking the "Directories" button, it takes a very long time to connect, and then once it has done whatever it was doing, it displays the root directory "/" in the combo box, and no directories in the selection box below.


If I put the path in by hand, the backup attempt takes and extremely long time and eventually complains about not being able to write (sorry, I don't have the exact message here, but I can get it later if it makes a difference).


I've used many different ftp clients to try to connect to this server. They are all very fast at accessing, and work fine. The directory I am trying use is being written to fine on those clients.


Any ideas? I did a search and didn't find anything.

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I don't know what OS X's default setup is. I would assume that the default is passive, as that is more or less the standard way to configure an ftp server (otherwise things like NAT traversal fall apart). I'll see if I can't find that information (and how to change it), and post it here.


Passive support is definitely something that I'd like to see in a future version of Retrospect (I've personally implemented it in other software I've worked on, it would be really nice to see it here).

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One more thing. My test ftp server and retrospect server are on the same subnet. So, it shouldn't matter if Retrospect uses the PORT command instead of PASV, it should work either way since they are in the same IP range. My final location for the ftp server is off the internal subnet, which will make this a big issue (and possibly not solvable since both servers will be behind a NAT), but for the current test setup, it should work.


By the way, PASV is required by the RFC for the server to implement for it to be considered an ftp server implementation, and OS X does support it. However, it's use by the client isn't required in anyway. The server will attempt to communicate using whatever means the client requests. It just means that the Retrospect server can't be behind a NAT of any sort (which isn't an option for me).

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Are there any suggestion for a better way to do offsite repository with Retrospect? FTP won't work for me, and I've been having issues with error when writing to AFP mounted drives (same configuration as described above, but I mounted the drive with using AFP).



The configuration described above used an Internet Backup Set, which would have no relation to how Retrospect can be used with mounted AFP volumes.


Perhaps a new thread with specific information regarding the setup that was giving problems, including a full description of what those problems were, would be the best way to proceed.



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