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v7 Recatalog with Missing Files


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I am running Retrospect v7.0.344 on WinXP Pro. I backup all of my clients to disk backup sets located on an array of external USB drives. I use the Retrospect grooming policy on all of the backup sets. A couple of days ago I discovered that one of my catalog files is corrupt, which is when the fun started trying to rebuild the catalog.


- I choose Repair Catalog > Recreate from disks > All Disks

- I select the directory that contains all of the RDB files for the backup set

- I am prompted for the backup set to repair

- I answer No to the prompt on whether there are more disks in the backup set


So far, so good. Now, I am prompted whether to "Continue with the recatalog with missing files?" I select "View to see the missing files and look for them". At this point, I get a list of 21 RDB supposedly missing files, yet I have manually verified that all them do exist in the backup set directory!. FWIW, this particular disk backup set's directory contains 1052 RDB files total. The kicker is that despite the original dialog's hopeful announcement that I would be able to "look" for these "missing" files, the only option I am given is to click OK, at which point I am back to where I started. My only true option seems to be to "Continue with the recatalog" and the information in the supposedly missing files will "no longer be available"


What am I doing wrong and why can't I get the catalog rebuild to recognize the existence of these 21 RDB files that clearly exist in the disk backup set directory? Thanks for any help or advice on this very frustrating issue.

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Does anybody have an answer on this one? When I rebuilt my catalog, I am now missing quite a few of my oldest backup sessions. So, obviously Retrospect completely ignored the 21 RDB files and provided me no way to have them recognized during the catalog rebuild. How can I rebuild my catalog and have *all* of my RDB files included????

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