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Retrospect profession V 7.5.387 hangs after backup or retrieve file


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Running Retrospect 7.5 (v 7.5.387 with driver update and hot fix on Windows XP SP 2 with up to date patches.


After applying the 7.5 update from a few days ago, I now experience Restrospect hanging the system and doing a lot of reads or writes to backup device upon completion of a backup or even after a file retrieve. Cannot close the retrospect session. In task manager try to end process, that does not work either, try ending process tree that does not work. Cannot do normal Windows shutdown. I have to turn the power off.


Backup device is a network mounted NDAS Netdisk from Zimeta. There are no other indications of i/o problems with that device. I deleted the backup files (.rbfs) and catalog files (.rbcs) and backup jobs, and created new backup jobs. Same problem, Retrospect hangs in some kind of a loop that is doing I/O with the backup device.





Craig Deaton

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