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Restrospect Always requires authentication

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When I launch Retrospect it asks me for my user name and password, even thought I unchecked "always require authentication." Also when I set the preferences to not require authentication under the security tab it resets back to require when I restart Retrospect.


I am running Retrospect 6.1.138 on OS X server 10.4.11


The problem is that I am not being backed up. The server was restarted and after that Retrospect stopped backing up. I have the launch Retrospect set in the preferences and I have Retrospect set as a login item. This doesn't work if someone is not there to type in the password.


Thanks for any help.

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Since Retrospect runs as a root process just by double-clicking on it, the program contains some methods to make sure it can't just run on a system without having authority to do so.


You don't describe much about your configuration, but perhaps something in your OS X Server setup is preventing Retrospect and its associated sub-processes from setting their permissions correctly.


I'd suggest making a copy of your preferences file, then using the installer to Uninstall retrospect. Then reinstall from the same installer, and replace your preferences into /Library/Preferences/Retrospect/


You might also want to run the Repair Permissions routines from Disk Utility while booted from the OS X Server install DVD.





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As a comment:


(1) because this is OS X Server (10.4.11), ACLs will be enabled on the boot volume. Don't know if this has any effect, but ACLs, if present on a folder/file, will override Unix permissions.


(2) I'm not seeing this, and never have, on our Xserve with the same versions of Retrospect, OS X server, etc.



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