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xserve 2 x 2 gig dual core intel xeon with 4 gig RAM

Restrospect server 6.1.138

only activity monitor runs when retrospect runs

A variety of clients. all mac -PPC and intel wth 6.1.130 client software -

Show up as not enough memory when trying to back up.

It happens randomly. Some days a user will back up some it won't

I am backing up almost 50 users

When the error happened yesterday 12-19-07 it backed up a 16 gig client fine but had trouble with users having 10's or 100's of meg to back up.

I've had the users quit all apps thinking that might help.

I'm interested in some possible solutions.

Do I need to rebuild the script?

Do I need to uninstall and reinstall client software

Should I rename the clients and forget them in my list so it sees them as "new"

Isn't 4 gig enough for my server to run retrospect

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What takes memory in Retrospect is file counts, not data size. So while one Source volume might have more data to copy then another, that other one might have many times the number of files that need to be scanned and matched before the backup begins.


- Are you running Backup scripts? Or are you running a Backup Server script?

- What Type of Backup Set are you using?

- Are you backing up the entire hard drive of your client? Do you need to for your disaster recovery plan(s)?




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I have the same configuration and had the same out of memory errors. I tried reinstalling the software, reinstalling OS X, went back to 10.3, updated to 10.4.11. Even totally started from scratch building the system backup as if I had just bought it. After 2 weeks of troubleshooting it came down to 1 simple thing. I had to get rid of the backup clients container in the script and divide the clients up into different scripts. To be safe I divided the 50 clients into 5 different scripts and have not had the error come back since.

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