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Catalog build problem with Retrospect 6.0!


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Hi, my first post -

I have a Maxtor one-touch 200gb USB hard drive with Dance retrospect Express Backup 6.0 bought & set-up in March 2005 to back-up the drive & a large collection of 12-18mb photos.


My Computer running Windows Proffesional died last week from Bad Kernals & the drive is heavily damaged & unreadable, so after purchasing a new Computer running Windows Professional again, we attempted to transfer the data back to the new hard-driver.

The problem we have is that when we start the process to rebuild the catalog files, the system hangs after a while - the Retrospect back-up set A has a file size of 135gb, the first time we ran the catalog build it reached 79gb before hanging, thereafter we have made numerous attempts to build the file & the system hangs at various stages between 1.8 & 30gb, there are no error reports to work on, it just stops with the dial still running round & the building catalog file.... dialog


My computer is a HP Compaq dx2250 with AMD Athlon 64x2 2.6GHz2GB 250GB running XP Professional,

Any help oe advice on the above problem I have would be greatly appreciated.



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I would guess your hard drive had many corrupt files before it finally died, and that in turn may have caused the backup to be corrupted.


If there are any EMC techs following this forum, perhaps they know of a utility to overcome this problem.


If not, I think I would try removing 1/2 of the backup files (.rdb) from the folder to be cataloged, and see if the cataloging hangs. If not, then the corrupt one(s) are in the other half. Run the cataloging on half of the ones in the group that fails until you locate the exact files that are corrupt. Omit those, and run the cataloging on all the rest. You will have lost some data, but not all.

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