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200 plus errors during Duplicate Backup


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I have Duplicate Backups of my C: drive scheduled for 7PM each evening using:

-- Windows XP

-- Retrospect Express Ver. 6.5.342 which came with my

-- Western Digital external harddrive (WD 800BB USB Drive)


The last time it ran I received 209 errors. In looking at the history of my backups I see that there are always _some_ errors but only once in awhile do I get errors in the two hundreds.


FIRST QUESTION - Why am I getting so many errors?


I was under the impression that the backups would be of DATA files only. I find that files with unfamiliar file extentions are included in the backup. Extensions such as -- .rbs, .msi, .CCS, .XML, .ipi, etc.


SECOND QUESTION - Why is the backup including these files?

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You can look in help to see how to exclude files with certain extentions, or how to back up only certain directories ( such as (My Documents). Some of the files with unfamiliar extentions could be parts of web pages or other complex objects you have saved in your documents folder. For example, if you save a complete web page from a browser, you may get a folder with images, with extentions .jpg, .gif etc. XML is a standard form of dynamic data from a web page or other html-related object. .msi is a Microsoft installer package.


Many of the errors could be files that were open at the time the system did the backup. There may be messages to that effect in the log. Perhaps you had a huge web page with many image files open. Post your log if you want more info.

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