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Error -1106 (blank media ) after RAID recovery


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One of our servers had one disk fail on a mirroring RAID. After replacing the disk and RAID recovery the backups on this server have failed with following error:


+ Normal backup using Server1 at 18.12.2007 10:16 (Execution unit 1)

To Backup Set Backup Set Server1...


18.12.2007 10:16:36: Connected to SERVER1

* Resolved container SERVER1 to 1 volumes:

Data (D:) on SERVER1


- 18.12.2007 10:16:35: Copying Data (D:) on SERVER1

Scanning incomplete, error -1106 (media blank)


If I scan the volume manually, the Retrospect scanner gets to end before showing the 1106 media blank error, yet after the error it still opens the volume tree and shows all 40000+ files.


All the other backup scripts are running fine. The RAID is OK, both disks tested working fine.


I have tried making a new script, removing and readding the Retrospect client for the server, forgetting the server volume but nothing helps. I would be grateful for any ideas.



Timo Pirinen

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