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Why is verify so slow?


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With Retrospect 7.0, when I backup files to DVD using a Pioneer DVR-110D (IDE, internal, UDMA-4) I get between 460 and 520 MB/min performance on both the write and post-verify steps.


When I do a Verify Media on the same disks it never goes faster than 80 MB/min.


Can anybody tell me why, and if I can do anything to increase the Verify performance?

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A little more info.


Verify runs fast ONLY if I don't have to swap disks. A backup operation will run at 500MB/min, but if the backup crosses a disk boundary, such that the verify requires that I eject the second disk to reinsert the first, then verify will run very slowly (down to 30MB/min with small files). If no eject or disk swap occurs, the verify runs at high speed.

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