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problem task and files

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I have a problema with restrospect, the script that i made had the time to star at 10:00pm

today in the morning the task was running at 9:35 a.m

i dont know what happend with my software , al the same time when i want to run

a new task and i give the option to view the presentation i cant see

some files,



thaks crazy.gif

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What version of Retrospect are you running?

What version of Mac OS?

What version of Retrospect Driver Update?

What is showing up in the Retrospect logs?

Was the machine hung?

Was there any message from Retrospect on the screen?

What type of a backup set? To what type of device?

Were you able to do other things with the computer at 9:35 a.m.?


Perhaps if you provide us with some information we might be able to help you.



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