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New user, need opinions.

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Hi all,




We are looking for a backup solution that can work over the internet.




Our setup goes like this:




Our office has OS X server with an 860gb RAID array (all critical files)




We want to be able to backup (syncronize!?) with an OS X machine with the same size array.




The initial backup would take place in house, taken off premise and incrementals done going forward. Now, here are my questions:




Can Retrospect do this?




Since we are going RAID to RAID, we want to backup file to file, does Retrospect do this? In other words, can i just pickup the backup array, plug it into the server and have all my files, or do I have to restore?




If it can, which software do I need to handle it? (ie, Workgroup, Server, or a combo)




If it can NOT, any suggestions on what can?





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